Sunday Club

The aim of this club is to help our young people to use the Sabbath in a way that is engaging and enjoyable yet focuses their minds on God and his word.  We hope to meet regularly from 2-4 pm on a Sunday afternoon.  The children will be taught a Bible story and encouraged to sing and learn Psalms and passages of Scripture.  Teenagers will have teaching and discussion and will be encouraged to study the Shorter Catechism in order to better understand the Christian faith.  Snack will be served and Bible related crafts and puzzles will supplement our studies.  All ages are welcome to attend and creche will be available for pre-school children. The next meetings will take place May, details to follow.

Please contact Mary Forbes on 01549 402 950 for more information or if you need transport in order to attend. mf


Womens Meeting

Usually meets on the last Thursday of the month in the Lairg church hall at 7 pm.If you would like more information or require transport please contact Mary on 01549 402 950.  mf


Scripture Union UR-CN

Once a month on a Friday evening, 6-8 pm in the Lairg Free Church hall we host a Scripture Union meeting for S1-S6 young people.  This meeting is organised by John Mann.  It is designed to give Christian young people from all over Sutherland an opportunity to meet together.  Some come from as far afield as Tongue.  We begin the evening with a pizza supper and free tuck shop.  We then have games such as wink murder, ‘cardboard hockey’ and mini tournaments of air ping pong to name but a few.  The evening concludes with a Bible talk and discussion.



The Story a Month Club is a new children’s ministry from Irene Howat.

She says, “Recognising that today’s children are being brought up in a celebrity culture, the Club aims to provide them with true Christian heroes and heroines instead”

Follow this link for more information